Abdullah S aka Jeppe Saugmann

Abdullah S aka Jeppe Saugmann. Photo by Per Lange.
Abdullah S aka Jeppe Saugmann. Photo by Per Lange.

Behind the artist name Abdullah S is Danish funk pioneer Jeppe Saugmann. Originally a drummer, Jeppe evolved into a singer and multi-instrumentalist. In 2018, he released the album Handmade Heavyweight Boogie for Babies, following up on Still Going Wrong, which took 18 years to make. Thor Madsen co-composed the tune “Slow Jam” on this album, showcasing their long-standing musical partnership.

Thor and Jeppe’s friendship began in Aarhus, Denmark, where they first collaborated on various projects. One of their early collaborations was the project Real Time with Jeffrey D. Jensen, which featured sound bites inspired by Stephen Hawking. Their collaboration also includes the Camille Jones album Barking Up The Wrong Tree. The Abdullah S live band, featuring Jeppe on keys and vocals, Kristoffer Sjelberg on drums, Bastian Sjelberg on bass, Mads Michelsen on percussion, Benjamin Kissi on backup vocals and keys, and Thor Madsen on guitar and bass, highlights their dynamic musical synergy.

Jeppe Saugmann also plays on the last two Thor De Force releases, Sounds Of The Mansion and The Build, and is a member of the live band. Additionally, Benjamin Kissi, Mads Michelsen, and Kristoffer Sjelberg contribute to The Build.

For more information, visit the Abdullah S page.

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