Jazz Explorer Trio

Jazz Explorer Trio press photo by Sarit Dhabani.
Jazz Explorer Trio: Jonas Johansen (left), Lars Møller (middle), Thor Madsen (right). Photo by Sarit Dhabani.

Jazz Explorer Trio is a collaboration between tenor saxophonist Lars Møller, guitar player Thor Madsen and drummer Jonas Johansen – all skilled, experienced, well-traveled jazz musicians.

Jazz Explorer Trio combine jazz-heritage with a global approach to being a creative voice in the 21st century. The music is primarily composed by the band-members, combining groovy and bluesy expression with architectural and emotional beauty. Their performances are characterized by strong improvisational interplay.

Lars, Thor and Jonas make up the Danish part of the band RagaJazz with classical Indian stars Kala Ramnath and Abhijit Banerjee. The three Danes are also the backbone of big band projects in Europe, Brazil and India playing the music of Lars Møller.


In August 2019 Jazz Explorer toured in Brazil, playing trio and big band concerts. Letieres Leite, founder of afro-brazilian jazz bigband Rumpilezz, was a featured guest. First two concerts at the famous Savassi Festival in Belo Horizonte. Then a concert at Jazz Nos Fundos in Sao Paulo with local big band Orchestra Urbana.

Jazz Explorer trio performing at Savassi Festival 2019. Special guest Letieres Leite on alto flute. Lars Møller – sax, Thor Madsen – guitar, Jonas Johansen – drums.

Further collaborations with Letieres Leite are in the works. However, the scheduled two week trip to Salvador, Brazil in April 2020 was postponed due to the pandemic.


In 2018 Jazz Explorer Trio toured extensively in India. A string of concerts for school children arranged by Spic Macay were mixed with performances at jazz clubs in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi.

The trio was joined by Kala Ramnath and Abhijit Banerjee for two RagaJazz concerts in Bangalore and Calcutta.

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