Presenting the performance app Thormulator

Feedback Loops. Left: single-player feedback loop. Right: Thormulator extends and alters the single-player feedback loop by generating and modulating sound.

As the creator of Thormulator, I am excited to introduce this innovative tool for improvisation. Thormulator enhances solo performances with real-time, interactive musical responses. By interpreting your MIDI and audio inputs, it dynamically modifies sound, alters structures, and generates new audio, fostering a playful musical dialogue. The essence of Thormulator lies in its ability to…

It’s Been a While, Here Is What’s New

Figure from the artistic research project 'Straight Through Odd Times'

I am just about to show my performance Thormulator to the world, a project I have worked on for the past three years. In preparing for the release, I updated the website which was long overdue. New and old releases has been added to the discography. Almost all releases now have play-links, mostly Spotify. Also,…

Performance Machine – Artistic research project

Images generated in the programming language Supercollider, slightly modded from an example in the helpfiles.

I am currently carrying out the artistic research project ‘Performance Machine’ under Danish National Academy of Music. In short, Performance Machine is an attempt at bridging the gap between algorithmic music and a performing musician – a ‘black box’ that takes an input from a musician and generates an output based on this input. In…

Anders Bast & The Bast’ards

2nd single from the upcoming Anders Bast & The Bast’ards album it out now. The full album will be available on August 14. Release concert August 14 at Charlie Scott’s in Copenhagen. Album recorded, mixed and mastered at Mazza Mansion by Thor Madsen who also plays guitar in the band.

The Orchestra  & Lars Møller ‘Indo-Brazilian Concert’

Had the great pleasure of being the guitarist in this amazing concert. Half the program was Brazilian inspired and the other half Indian inspired. Masterfully led by Lars Møller who also composed most of the music. Also a tune by Jesper Riis.

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Italy likes Thor De Force

This just in from Italy. “…master of acid-fusion and nu-funk with an infinite ability to explore dissonances in intimate melodic structures. One of the most interesting compositional voices on the American scene, although he lives in Denmark.”