Butch Morris Conducts the Nublu Orchestra

Butch Morris conducts the Nublu Orchestra. Photo by Chad Batka.

Lawrence D. ‘Butch’ Morris, a highly influential figure on the New York music scene, was renowned for pioneering the structural improvisation method known as Conduction. This innovative approach allowed him to create instant compositions with any ensemble, regardless of size, instrumentation, or genre. Known as the Mayor of East Village, Morris’s impact on the music community was profound.

From around 2002 until his death in 2013, Butch Morris conducted the Nublu Orchestra. This ensemble included musicians like Kenny Wollesen, Ilhan Ersahin, Graham Haynes, Jesse Murphy, Juini Booth, Mauro Rofosco, and Thor Madsen, who played both in New York and on European tours. Nublu Records released two albums with the band during Morris’s lifetime. After his passing, the label decided to release ten live albums recorded around Europe, all of which were mastered by Thor Madsen at Mazza Mansion.

Morris’s work with the Nublu Orchestra demonstrated his unique ability to blend various musical elements into cohesive performances. His legacy lives on through these recordings and the many musicians he inspired and collaborated with throughout his career.

Read more about Butch on Wikipedia.

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