Butch Morris Conducts the Nublu Orchestra

Butch Morris conducts the Nublu Orchestra. Photo by Chad Batka.

Lawrence D. ‘Butch’ Morris or simply Butch Morris was an extremely prolific character on the New York music scene. Butch was known as the Major of East Village. He pioneered the structural improvisation method Conduction. The method allowed him to create instant composition with a band of any size, instrumentation or genre.

From around 2002 up until his death in 2013 Butch Morris conducted the Nublu Orchestra. The members were drawn from a group of musicians centered around the club Nublu in New York. Some of the key players were Kenny Wollesen, Ilhan Ersahin, Graham Haynes, Fabio Mogera, Jesse Murphy, Juini Booth and Mauro Rofosco. Thor was part of the orchestra for many years playing both in New York and on European tours.

Nublu Records released two albums with the band before Butch’ premature death in 2013. After his death the label decided to release 10 live albums recorded around Europe with the Nublu Orchestra. All albums were mastered by Thor Madsen at Mazza Mansion and Madsen is also playing on about half the albums.

Read more about Butch on Wikipedia.

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