Jonas Johansen Adventure Trio

Adventure Trio. Thor Madsen (left), Lennart Ginman (middle back) and band leader Jonas Johansen (right). Photo by Søren Solskær.

Jonas Johansen Adventure Trio is known for its dynamic improvisations and unique compositions that blend a “spy” vibe with cool grooves, hints of indie rock, and elements of bolero and ballad. The trio consists of Jonas Johansen on drums, Thor Madsen on guitar, and Lennart Ginman on bass. They push the boundaries of jazz, creating music that is both innovative and deeply rooted in tradition.

Artistic Approach

The trio’s sound is spacious and airy, reflecting mature musicians who aim to tell a story as directly and clearly as possible. They have released several singles, including “Afternoons,” “Soulmate,” and “Windows,” all recorded and mixed at Thor Madsen’s studio, Mazza Mansion in Copenhagen. These compositions capture the serene yet vibrant moments of a traveling musician’s life, with “Afternoons” particularly evoking those quiet, reflective periods between travel and performance.

Personal Connection

I am deeply honored to be part of the Jonas Johansen Adventure Trio. Jonas has composed pieces specifically for me, which is a testament to his incredible talent and our strong musical connection. His ability to create strong grooves and fine melodies provides a rich foundation for our trio’s dynamic interplay.

Albums and Releases

The latest releases from the trio include the singles “Afternoons,” “Soulmate,” and “Windows,” which blend melodic simplicity with intricate rhythmic structures. These pieces have been well-received and demonstrate the trio’s cohesive musicality.

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