Artistic Research

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Thormulator is a real-time interactive performance app designed to augment single-player performances with drones, beats, chords, and basslines. It generates and modulates musical responses based on the performer’s input, analyzing incoming MIDI and audio data to create musically relevant events. This innovative tool responds to nuances in dynamics, timing, pitch, and articulation, creating a feedback loop between the performer and the machine. Thor Madsen developed Thormulator to explore the dynamic relationship between human and machine in music creation. The app facilitates instant composition and improvisation, enhancing the performer’s musical palette and producing captivating music on the fly. More info about Thormulator

Straight Through Odd Times

Published in 2021, this artistic research project targets music students at conservatory and pre-conservatory levels. It draws on Thor Madsen’s experience playing in odd meters with bands like the Jonas Johansen Adventure Trio, Jazz Explorer Trio, RagaJazz, and Thor De Force. Feedback indicates that many professional musicians also find this material useful. Straight Through Odd Times presentation.

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