Artistic Research

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Thormulator is a real time interactive performance app, which augments a single-player performance with drones, beats, chords, and basslines. 

Thormulator creates and modulates musical responses called events based on the way the performer plays. Some events generate sound, like a drone or a beat. Other events modulate sound by the use of audio effects and synth modulators or by rearranging the melodic, harmonic or rhythmic content of generated events.

Incoming MIDI- (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and audio-data is continuously analyzed and matched against a set of rules, which determines, how the system responds. 

…more info to follow in April/May 2024…

Straight Through Odd Times

The artistic research project Straight Through Odd Times was published in 2021. The project was carried out under Danish Academy of Music where Thor Madsen is associate professor.

Straight Through Odd Times is aimed at music students at conservatory and pre-conservatory levels. Feedback given to me suggests, that many professional musicians also find this material useful. The method described is rooted in Thor’s experience playing in odd meters with bands like Johans Johansen Adventure Trio, Jazz Explorer Trio, RagaJazz and Thor De Force.

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