Live Jive Jungle

Live Jive Jungle performing at La Fontaine. Photo by Frank Roberts.
Live Jive Jungle performing at La Fontaine. Photo by Frank Robert Larsen.

Live Jive Jungle is a jazz group led by tenor saxophonist Jan Harbeck. The band emerged from the lively atmosphere at La Fontaine, Copenhagen’s oldest jazz club. Inspired by Gene Krupa’s drumming, their music is high-energy jungle-jazz, emphasizing interplay and fiery solos. The quartet, including Thor Madsen on guitar, Jeppe Skovbakke on bass, and Peter Leth on drums, has performed extensively in Denmark and Germany.

Debut Album

Their debut album, Elevate, was recorded at Sweet Silence by Flemming Rasmussen, known for engineering Metallica’s early albums. The album features a blend of early bop influences and contemporary effects.

Harbeck’s soloing has the straight-ahead sound of early bop players, and this is countered by the sounds that Madsen rings from his guitar – which are as often as not filtered through more contemporary sounds, and laden with effects from a variety of pedals. For example, his solo in track 3 ‘Sidewalkin’ inherits 1950s lick but are played through wobbly, vibrato-heavy effects that push the sounds into the 1960s.

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Jan Harbeck / Thor Madsen / Jeppe Skovbakke /Peter Leth – Sundance 2017

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