Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra (CJO)

Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra (CJO), formerly known as The Orchestra, has been a cornerstone of Denmark’s jazz scene since the 1990s. Known for their intense yet relaxed ensemble sound, CJO comprises some of the best Scandinavian freelance players and composers. The orchestra is celebrated for its innovative projects that blend Western and global musical heritage.

In addition to their performances, CJO aims to engage new generations through workshops and educational initiatives. In May 2024, CJO performed a special concert at Tivoli called “Pros and Talents,” which brought together seasoned members of the orchestra with young talents. This event featured a two-day workshop focusing on Afro-Cuban rhythms, led by renowned percussionist Rune Harder Olesen.

Recent Projects

  • Flamenco Project (2023): This project explores the fusion of flamenco and jazz, featuring collaborations with esteemed artists.
  • Florian Weber Project (2022): A collaboration with pianist Florian Weber, blending contemporary jazz with classical influences.
  • Egberto Gismonti Project (2019): This project highlights the fusion of Brazilian music and jazz, featuring the renowned Brazilian composer Egberto Gismonti.

Past Highlight

  • Beats and Bigbands (2003): In collaboration with Anders Trentemøller, this project merges live big band jazz with electronic music, creating a unique soundscape that combines traditional jazz elements with modern electronica.

The ensemble has worked with several leading international artists, including Bob Brookmeyer, Egberto Gismonti, and Florian Weber, resulting in a unique and transparent “chamber” sound that is both innovative and engaging. CJO regularly performs in various venues around Copenhagen and Europe, maintaining a dynamic presence in the jazz world.

CJO with Egberto Gismonti live at The Queens Hall, Royal Library, Copenhagen Denmark

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