Mazza Mansion – Recording Studio in Copenhagen

Mazza Mansion studio in Copenhagen run by Thor Madsen. Picture from the control room.
The control room at Mazza Mansion studio in Copenhagen.

Mazza Mansion, Thor Madsen’s recording studio in Copenhagen, is part of the MillFactory Studios run by Boe Larsen. It is a fully equipped professional studio featuring great acoustics and combining the best of the analog and digital worlds. The studio hosts a range of projects from acoustic jazz to hip-hop and EDM. As a musician, producer, and engineer, Thor works on all aspects of music production from start to finish – composing, performing, recording, mixing, and mastering.

Among the clients are (in no particular order): Lars Møller, Jonas Rendbo, Aske Jacoby, Unicef, Peter Rosendal, Anders Bast, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Daniel Fridell, Signe Anna, Tech N9ne, and KAB.

Big recording room at Mazza Mansion/MillFactory
Big recording room at Mazza Mansion/MillFactory.
Studer 962 recording and mixing desk.

Recording Studio

Studer 962 desk
Manley Massive Passive
API 3124+ preamps
Universal Audio 6176
Crane Song STC-8 compressor
Tube Tech SMC 2B compressor
Dual EMT 140 plate reverb
Steinway D Grand Piano
Neuman, AKG, Brauner, DPA,
Shure, MXL microphones
Vintage keyboards
Logic Pro, Ableton Live, UAD
Dynaudio Air20+Air6+stereo subs
Aviom headphone system

Large and medium sized live rooms with beautiful acoustics.

Spacious lounge with full kitchen, two bathrooms and shower.

Enquire for rates.

Steinway D Grand Piano at MillFactory Studios
Steinway D Grand Piano courtesy of Boe Larsen/MillFactory Studios.
Studio lounge at Mazza Mansion/MillFacotry Studios
The lounge.

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