Thor Madsen – Guitarist, Producer and Composer

Thor Madsen - guitarist, producer and composer. Photo from Avenue C in New York by Sarit Dhabani.
Thor Madsen in New York. Photo by Sarit Dhabani.

About Thor Madsen


Thor Madsen is a renowned guitarist, producer, and composer whose career spans over two decades. Known for his versatility and innovative approach, Thor has made significant contributions to jazz, electronic, and fusion genres. His work is characterized by a seamless blend of technical prowess and creative experimentation, making him a prominent figure in the global music scene. In addition to his professional music career, Thor Madsen is an associate professor of guitar and ensemble teaching at the Danish National Academy of Music.

Recent Activities

In recent years, Thor has been actively involved with the Jonas Johansen Adventure Trio, showcasing his dynamic performances and ability to blend jazz with diverse musical influences. Additionally, Thor has played a significant role in several projects with the Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra, including collaborations with pianist Florian Weber and Brazilian composer Egberto Gismonti. Thor also developed the soon-to-be-presented app Thormulator, an interactive performance tool that enhances solo performances by generating and modifying musical structures in real-time based on the performer’s input.

The Years in New York

During his years in New York, Thor became a key figure in the downtown jazz scene. He formed the Thor Madsen Group, featuring alto sax player Douglas Yates, drummer Ari Hoenig, and bassist Francois Moutin. Their album Metal Dog received critical acclaim and established Thor as a creative force in the jazz community. Thor also collaborated with various artists, including Butch Morris and U-Roy, and his band Thor De Force released the debut EP Big City Abyss on Nublu Records. His extensive touring across the US, Europe, Turkey, and Brazil helped broaden his musical horizons and solidify his global presence.

Thor Madsen ca. 1998. Photo by Nora.

Moving Back to Copenhagen

Upon returning to Copenhagen in the mid-2010s, Thor founded Mazza Mansion, a state-of-the-art recording studio. The studio hosts a wide range of projects, from acoustic jazz to hip hop and EDM, leveraging Thor’s extensive expertise in composing, performing, recording, mixing, and mastering. This period marked a new chapter in Thor’s career, allowing him to continue innovating and collaborating with a diverse array of artists.

Camille Jones performing at Roskilde Festival 2007. With Thor Madsen, Karl Kolind, Jakob Rønlov. Photo by Frederik Hilmer Svanholm.
Camille Jones performing at Roskilde Festival 2007. Thor Madsen, Karl Kolind, Jakob Rønlov.
Photo by Frederik Hilmer Svanholm.

Early Career and Influences

Thor Madsen’s musical journey began in Denmark, where his early influences and experiences laid the foundation for his diverse and dynamic career. His ability to blend different musical styles and traditions is a testament to his deep understanding and appreciation of music. These early years were crucial in shaping Thor’s unique sound and approach to music.

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Contact and Booking Information

For professional inquiries, collaborations, or booking information, please contact Thor Madsen through the provided contact details. Follow Thor on social media to stay updated on his latest projects and performances.

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