Wazzabi – Duo With Guests

Wazzabi: Thor Madsen (left), Anders Hentze (right). Photo by Jacob Noel.

Wazzabi, formed by Thor Madsen and drummer Anders Hentze, is a versatile jazz duo often expanded with guest musicians. The band released three albums and toured Brazil, the USA, and Europe before going on hiatus in 2014.

Na Farofa – The Brazilian Connection

In 2009, Wazzabi began collaborating with Brazilian singer Carlos Zimbher. Carlos toured with the band in Denmark and recorded three songs for the album Wazzabining. The band soon connected with other Brazilian artists through Carlos’ network. Over the next five years, Wazzabi toured frequently in Brazil, performing at venues like Savassi Festival in Belo Horizonte, Studio SP in São Paulo, and Satelite Festival in Brasília. After signing a one-album deal with São Paulo-based label and studio YB Music, Wazzabi recorded Na Farofa. The 2013 release was followed by a show at CCSP in São Paulo, featuring album guests like singers Iara Rennó, Leo Cavalcanti, Ava Rocha, Rodrigo Campos, Vitor Trindade, and musicians Guilherme Kastrup on percussion and Thiago França on saxophone.

Wazzabi performing at Studio SP, Sao Paulo 2011. Thor Madsen, Klaus Sena, Anders Hentze, Marcelo Monteiro. Iara Rennó in front. Photo by Nicollas Loos.
Murial painted by visual artist Luis Flavio Trampo for Wazzabi. The CD cover for Na Farofa is a detail of the wall.

Wazzabining – The Copenhagen Album

The 2010 album Wazzabining featured Danish vocalists Shaka Loveless and Camille Jones. Thor had produced and co-composed Camille Jones’s electronic album Barking Up The Wrong Tree in 2009 and invited her to join the album. DJ Tue Track from the hip-hop band Malk De Koijn added scratching to a couple of tracks, and Jeffrey D. Jensen from Real Time contributed lyrics to the track “Have Mine.”

Wazzabi at Amager Bio, Copenhagen. Thor Madsen and Anders Hentze with guests DJ Noize and Shaka Loveless. Visuals by Anders Watanabe Krøyer. Photo by Peter Skjalm.

Wazzabi with Shaka Loveless live at the club Train in Denmark.

Monte Lema with Poetry

In 2011, Wazzabi collaborated with Danish poet Pablo Llambías on the album Monte Lema, where he reads and sings his sonnets with Wazzabi. The album was packaged with the book Monte Lema, published by Gyldendal.

The Debut EP – A Bigger Form

The debut EP from 2008 features Malik Work and Ian Lawrence of Real Live Show on the track “Listen.” Real Live Show was a live hip-hop collective that Thor was part of in New York in the late 90s and early 2000s.

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