Straight Through Odd Times

Artistic research project under Danish National Academy of Music published in September 2021. Excerpt from the PDF:

‘This material is about playing in odd meters and feeling at home doing it. The method described here is for all pitched instruments including the voice and can also be used by percussionists and drummers to some extent.

We approach all meters, odd or even, as a combination of groups of two or three beats. The premise is that we think rhythm before pitch.

The aim is to give you the tools to understand and play in any meter, odd or even. Even if all you ever want to do after reading this material is to play in 4/4 for the rest of your life, this can help you get more out of it. All the principles laid out here can also be used as compositional tools’

Figure 3 from the PDF: Filling bars of 2/4 and 3/4 with notes of one value.

‘Straight Through Odd Times’ PDF

Online presentation of Straight Through Odd Times September 14, 2021

The audio examples below correspond with the written examples in the PDF. Each chapter is further exemplified by three video examples.


Example 1
Eight and nine notes over six beats

Example 2
8th note quadruplets

Example 3
8th note quadruplets and -triplets

Example 4
Metric modulation between 3/4 and 2/4

Tune In Three – Trio Performance

Tune In Three – Metric Modulation

Tune In Three – How To Practice

Download lead sheets (C, Bb, Eb) for Tune In Three


Example 5
Playing inside the A minor groove

Example 6
Adding quarter note quadruplets

Example 7
Playing inside the F minor groove

Example 8
Playing over the whole solo form

Example 9
Using triplets over the whole form

Example 10
Using a mix of quadruplets and triplets

Example 11
Patterns suggesting a half-time feel

Example 12
Sparse, playing in between bass line

Example 13
Using groups of five notes in 5/4

Example 14
Mini metric modulation

Tune In Five – Trio Performance

Tune In Five – Using Different Groupings

Tune In Five – How To Practice

Download leet sheets (C, Bb, Eb) and lyrics for Tune In Five


Example 15
Two different beats

Example 16
laying over the last three beats

Example 17
Improvising inside the groove

Example 18
8th note triplets and -quadruplets

Example 19
Phrases suggesting a half-time feel

Example 20
Sparse off-beat playing

Example 21
Mini metric Modulation

Tune In Seven – Trio Performance

Tune In Seven – Using Different Groupings

Tune In Seven – How To Practice

Download leet sheets (C, Bb, Eb) and lyrics for Tune In Seven

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