Thormulator OLD

As the creator of the Thormulator, I’m thrilled to introduce this new and exciting tool tailored for improvisation. The Thormulator offers a new way of creating solo performances with its real-time, interactive musical responses. It listens to your MIDI and audio inputs, interpreting musical gestures such as dynamics, pitch, and rhythm. This allows it to modify sound, alter structures, and generate entirely new audio on the fly, fostering a playful and surprising musical dialogue.

The essence of Thormulator lies in its ability to create an intuitive feedback loop between the musician and the software, enhancing the creative process. Imagine playing a sequence and hearing an unexpected, yet musically coherent response that pushes your performance in a new direction. This dynamic interaction not only encourages spontaneous composition but also introduces an element of surprise that can inspire fresh musical ideas.

The Thormulator’s rule-based system ensures that the generated responses are musically relevant and contextually appropriate. Thormulator opens up a world of creative potential, pushing the boundaries of traditional music-making and inviting the performer to experiment with new musical ideas.

Detailed article about the ideas and concepts behind Thormulator

Thormulator – 1. The Terrain
Showcasing the raw interaction between the performer and Thormulator, the audio has been subtly enhanced with volume automation, EQ adjustments, and compression for optimal sound quality.