Presenting the performance app Thormulator

Feedback Loops. Left: single-player feedback loop. Right: Thormulator extends and alters the single-player feedback loop by generating and modulating sound.

As the creator of Thormulator, I am excited to introduce this innovative tool for improvisation. Thormulator enhances solo performances with real-time, interactive musical responses. By interpreting your MIDI and audio inputs, it dynamically modifies sound, alters structures, and generates new audio, fostering a playful musical dialogue.

The essence of Thormulator lies in its ability to create an intuitive feedback loop between the musician and the software. Imagine playing a sequence and hearing an unexpected yet musically coherent response that pushes your performance in a new direction.

With decision logic ensuring musically relevant responses, Thormulator opens up a world of creative potential, pushing the boundaries of traditional music-making and inviting the performer to explore new musical ideas. More info at